CS Tool Dongle Latest Version v1.48 Crack Setup With Driver Free Download

If you ever wondered about, there should be one tool that can do all stuff. Like one click and all jobs were done. That jobs might be resetting your phone, factory data restore, flashing of mobile phone, change the IMEI number, lock unlocks an mobile phone. CS Tool [Chinese Smartphone Tool] is the software or the platform that is made up having these all problems in mind. CS Tool is the best and revolutionary tool and having highest users online of such type of tools. This organization was made by Chinese youngsters that give phone servicing online for supports MTK and SPD-based devices. The use and importance of this software one can only know when one has to face the problem. If might consider that you forget the pattern due to pattern changing addiction. So, by using such CS Tool you can easily remove your screen pattern and can use your mobile phone again. This pattern lock removing is the key feature of this tool.
The second biggest benefit of this tool, in my opinion, is flashing of mobile phones. Though living in this age, this is not a problem at all, to flash an mobile phone. But, some people, not interested in process of such updating and flashing, might have a problem while flashing the mobile phone. So, in this regard, one can easily flash mobile devices by using CS Tool easily. Not for new users, Chinese Smartphone Tool is useful for experienced android users also. Because, sometimes, errors while flashing resulted in a dead phone. So, this is a cherry on a cake if you are experienced android user, and using CS Tool to flash your device.
These are some best features of CS Tool, by reading all these features, you certainly will download CS Tool. So, we already have given a link at the end of this post for your convenience.
  • Best for reading your phone hardware/software information.
  • Phone lock/unlock away from one click.
  • IMEI repair within no time.
  • Network lock.
  • Factory data setting.
  • Can read your messages, if you start flashing of a device and phone went to dead.
  • Same way also can read your contacts that you saved in mobile and device went dead or semi-dead.
  • Can easily read out the call info of your phone in case of mobile went dead.
  • Largest support zone for firmware collections for any device.
  • Can read/write flash up to 64 GB.
So, after reading all these features, I am sure, you will download this wonderful tool for your windows or PC. Here below, we have given a download link. Click the download button to download the latest version of CS Tool. Keep visiting our site for more mobile solutions.