Uni-Android Tool Latest Version v6.0 Crack Setup by Mehmood Riaz Free Download

Android users might have more than one problem, many of the new Android users do not aware of the little problem. Starting from the reading the info of your phone to killing the ADB server. Today, I am going to share with you the amazing tool, that will not only help you in the case of forgetting phone lock but will show you all software installed on your Android device. The name of the magical tool is Uni-Android Tool, before the latest version, that recently launched there were more than one bugs and error in this tool, but now it is bugs free and totally supporting to solve your android phone problems. You might say this is one stop shop, having all problem and one solution.
How to download Uni Android Tool would have a valid question, if you were not reading this post. Here we have already given you the download link at the end of this post. You can tap on the download button to download the file. First, download this file. To handle the use of this tool, you have to have one data cable, one computer or laptop installed Windows 7/8/10. Then install this tool on your computer and connect it to your Android phone. Whenever you connect this tool to every mobile phone, it will show up you the model of that phone. You just click on the problem you want to solve and that is it. Before connecting your phone to this tool, make sure that your battery of mobile phone I fully charged, in case of mobile shut off, you have to repeat the process.
These are some more interesting features that this Uni Android Tool holds.
  • Bypass pattern lock
  • Enter fast mode
  • Enter download mode
  • Wipe data
  • Check phone info
  • Check Software Installed
  • Root/Unroot
  • Install APK's
  • Reset Pin
  • Get Hardware Info/Software Info
  • And much more
These are some features, which I described here in this post; originally, this tool owns more than one dozen features. One more thing please download Uni Android Tool v6.0, this version of this tool is bug-free. We already have given a download link to Uni Android Tool 6.0 and 5.0; you can download and install it.
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