Infinity CM2 Full Cracked 2018 100% Working Free Download

Infinity CM2 Full Cracked 2017 10000% Working Free Download:

In this post, we will give you detailed information about Infinity CM2 full cracked 2017 100% working. The Infinity Box CM2 used for various purposes. Starting from IMEI changing to unlocking your mobile phone all can do by miracle files in no time. Therefore, we have given a link to download Infinity CM2 crack and in this article, you would learn, what you could do with this Infinity CM2 (Chinese Miracle II).

Features of Infinity CM2 Full Cracked:

  • Can read Pattern Lock
  • Pin lock remover
  • Read NVRAM files
  • Scatter Firmware files easily
  • Baseband and IMEI change
  • IMEI Null support
  • Pin lock start-up
  • Country Lock support
  • Country Lock Done
  • SPD smartphone read
  • Privacy Lock Remover
  • Write NVRAM file easily
  • Write PAC firmware 
Now, here I am going to tell you what you can do with this box, after downloading. After downloading the files, you need to set up all these files into your computer. Check your system requirement:
  • PC - Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory space - Minimum 350 free space
  • USB flash drive - Two USB ports are required, if your system package is lower than this, can use one port also.
  • Please do not use any file sharing during the work and avoid blocking your memory card.
  • To prevent, any problem please us "old good equate drivers".
  • Users of Windows XP and Windows 7 can directly download the file from internet.

How to Use Infinity CM2 to Flash Any Phone?

  • To flash the handset, you need to follow some procedure after downloading the CM2 files.
  • After setting up all files into your smartphone, you need to Infinity CM2 folder, open it up and load the firmware files in your USB device.
  • Scatter the MTK document file by double-clicking on it.
  • After doing this and download button would appear there and download the file.
  • Turn off your smartphone, press the power button; it will go into the closing mode. Just right after, press the power button and hit the volume key constantly.
  • The screen will remain the same but mobile would go to the flashing mode. Insert the USB device in your phone in meantime. The driver will send the file automatically and within 5, 10 minutes all process would be complete.
I have mentioned only some features of the Infinity CM2 full cracked 2017 100% working; there are more than features and benefits of using this box. Like one-stop shop, it can solve all of your mobile phone problems. Download the file, by just tap on the download button at the end of this post.
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